Crrracked, ssmashed, liquid damaged, killed to death ;)... if you've just broken, even badly your Phone - NO WORRIES !!!

  I'm here to HELP You !

 I do repairs using ONLY, GENUINE spare parts! no poor quality! Your phone factory warranty will not be affected at all, I guarantee.

        During repair YOU WILL NOT LOOSE ANY DATA FROM THE PHONE (except motherboard repairs)

 I have great experience since 1999 when started with unlocking Nokia 3110, 5110, couple of years owned business in Poland(Gdansk), repairing Nokia, Samsung, Sony, LG in Ireland since 2007 at authorised workshop.

 Own business introduced in Dublin in June 2012.

 Screen repair usually takes about 15-45 min while you wait, you can have a coffee/pizza/lunch at Daybreak shop, ATM available at the garage.

 Other repairs might take few days but it is Still oNe oF the Fastest Seamless and Reliable phone repairs across Ireland,

if you are NOT satisfied enough, I WILL ISSUE REFUND, I know, sounds crazy ! ;-)

 If you're far or just have no time for travelling, you can send the phone by registered AnPost, it is only 8Eur for fully insured next day delivery service, all screen reapirs I will send back same day so 3 days turnaround!

 See You soon, You're very welcome!

       sincerely , Jack T.

below all SCREEN REPAIR prices include LABOUR, TESTING
ALL only GENUINE Samsung PARTS!!!
iPhone X GENUINE APPLE display screen as NEW best price guarnted (warranty remain!!)230 Eur
iPhone 5/6/7/8 Genuine Apple screen refurbished, colours/touch same quality as new40/60/70/80 Eur
iPhopne batteries - best prices from 25 Eur 25-55 Eur
S10/Note9 all colours available, brand new genuine Samsung 260 Eur
S9+/Note8 all colours available, brand new genuine Samsung 240 Eur
S9 all colours available, brand new genuine Samsung 230 Eur
S8+ all colours available, brand new genuine Samsung 225 Eur
S8 all colours available, brand new genuine Samsung 220 Eur
S7 Edge Samsung inc. metal frame, usb, buttoms195 Eur
S7 Samsung (black, white, gold) -including NEW Metal FRAME - ONLY here!145 Eur
S7/S8/S9/S10 Back cover inc. camera window AND adhesive (used/new)25/40 Eur
S10/Note8,9 Back cover inc. camera window AND adhesive 55 Eur
S7/S8 new genuine battery replacement35 Eur
S9/S10/Note8,9 new genuine battery replacement45 Eur
S6 Edge Samsung (navy, white, gold) + NEW adh. model:G925f 120 Eur
S6 Samsung (navy, white, gold) + NEW adhesives100 Eur
S6/S6E Metal Frame inc. camera window20 Eur
S6/S6E Back cover with adhesive (used/new)10/20 Eur
S6/S6E Camera window only10 Eur
samsung genuine battery replacement30 Eur
all other A, J series 2015-2019 available, too much to write all here, please enquiry... 086-068-5555
ALL Other rePaiRs oR paRTs still aVaiLabLe - AsK for FREe QuotatioN please, thank You!? Eur


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